Sunder Armes

Sunder Armes

There was a man named Sunder Armes. 5'8' tall. dark skinned. and laid back. Sunder is also a schizophrenic.

Sunder has a talent, the ability to strageticaly plan out everything before it happened.

So now begins the adventures; Of Sunder Armes.

Chapter One.

"Get up you lazy arse!" Said Mikela, her words echoing in the recently infested cave. Mikela was a short asian girl who was about 17 with long, black, unkept hair and eyes as dark as the night.

"Whadda you want?" said Sunder still tired and groggy from cleaning the cave.

"we need to get that stockpile of stimpaks from that guys' house." replied Mikela.

"And? your point?"

"My Point! You bumbling fool! Your the one with the friggin' crippled arm!" Mikela said angrily.

"Well." Saind Sunder, searching for words. "Well, it's not that bad, i can still move it and these 'Re-fried beans' seem to be helping."

"Well i guess ,but those stimpaks will help us along the way! implus it's as if that low-life is taunting us to come and take it, he just leaves them sitting on his porch." said Mikela. "And it's not like he want's them." Said Mikela, Slowly trying to persuade him. Slowly Sunder got up and took out his AMR and looked through his scope into the small little house. The house was about 17 feet long and 2 stories high, with a porch bigger than a camper.

"What do you see?" said Mkela, anxiously. "Nothin'....yet." replied Sunder, zooming in and out of his scope like a child, teeming with energy.

"Wait!" said Sunder just as Mikela was about to go to the cave they slept in. "I see someone coming out of the house!" At this Mikela quickly spun around and dropped to the ground beside Sunder. "Where!" said Mikela.

"There by the well" said Sunder passing the Scope to Mikela.

"Wow. is he part of the legion?" Asked Mikela while examining the mysterious figure.

"Yeah, and looks like theres more of them! look!" said sunder looking off at a istance to what appeared to be a patrol.

"thinkin' stealing those stimpaks were a bad idea?" said Mikela. "Yeah, lets just go to sleep. We'll pack up and leave at dawn. said sunder as he winced at the sleeping sun.

"Yeah...well see you in the morning.." replied Mikela. Sunder could sense that Mikela felt something for him, like a nursing child would who yearns for his mothers milk. "Yeah" said Sunder as he let out a frustrated groan.

-Man! a good supply of stimpaks and we can't get them! it's like when i would play chess with dad...i could never win.- thought Sunder. so the two went in the cave, until dawn had broken.

Chapter Two.

"Mikela, wake up." Said Sunder, it was 4 am in the morning and there was noise around the cave.