"Look I don't think this is a job for the 1st recon snipers." exclaimed Captain Dhatri. "It's not debatable Captain, an order is an order you are to drive those Khan filths from Bitter Springs." Ordered General Saquoia. "By your order General." Dhatri hissed through his teeth.

Back at Camp Mccarran, Dhatri briefed his troops. "Alright this is a simple mission team we're driving the Great Khans from Bitter Springs." "Why us, we're snipers not Heavy Infantry." complained Manny. "Orders are orders Manny." said Dhatri lathargically. "now any other dumb questions, any alright, so Boone your going to cover us in case those damn thugs try to pull something."

At Bitter Springs everything was going as planned Papa Khan had surrendered and there was no violence. Until an unidentified voice on the radio ordered "open fire kill as many of the squeeling little bitches as you can." "Stop, everyone come here" Boone screamed. "Did you here that last order, i'm not going to shoot these people." Boone whined. The voice spoke again "Shoot until you run out of bullets." "Look Your Not in any fucking position to deny orders are we clear, huh Boone." Dhatri yelled at Boone. "Yeah Boone stop being such a whiney bitch I used to be one of them and you don't see me complaining." taunted Manny.

As the first shot exploded from the muzzel of Boones barrel only to enter and exit the head of a small child along with pieces of the childs brain. And with every shot Boone asked himself what would Karla think if she was still alive.