• Gooiershoe20354

    In my blog im just gonna talk about... whatever. I beat portal 2 a while ago. To be honest that was one of the coolest endings i have ever seen. It was also alot longer than the first portal.

    Started playing terraria, really awesome. fun. I would reccommend it. only 10 bucksonsoon on steam.

    Halo Reach, a total Suckquake of a game. I don't judge a game on lousy story line, like black ops did not match up to MW2 but the graphics, design and gameplay were awesome, and i liked the story. but halo. oh... SO MANY THINGS. first off, there are like what, 7 guns? and wait wait wait. you need a POWER to sprint, and yet, it still takes energy? How many guns can you zoom in with? 3? the main gun of the entire story A) can't zoom B) sucks. So it looks go…

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